Prayers for Peace in the World—The Eighth Kagyu Mönlam Germany with Ringu Tulku

August 24–26, 2018  |  Kamalashila Institute | Langenfeld, Germany
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This year, the Karma Kagyu Community celebrates the eighth Kagyu Monlam Germany, organized by the Kamalashila Institute, the European seat of His Holiness the XVII. Karmapa, with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, the representative of His Holiness in Europe.

According to Karmapa's wishes, Kagyu Monlam Germany is an event of the entire Karma Kagyu and Kagyu sangha, regardless of the organization to which they belong. Therefore, we invite all ordained as well as lay practitioners to come together to recite common prayers for peace and harmony in this world.

Ringu Tulku will deepen his previous teachings from The Four Dharmas of Gampopa during this year's Kagyu Monlam  . The short lines that Gampopa once addressed in a supplication to his teacher Milarepa sound simple and yet embrace the whole teaching of the Mahayana. In the Four Dharmas, Gampopa summarizes nothing less than the entire gradual path according to the Kagyu tradition, as detailed in his major work, the Precious Precious Ornament of Liberation .

The Karmapa said in his video message on the occasion of the fourth Kagyu Mönlam Germany in 2014:

"The most important prerequisite for the Buddha's realization was the unfolding of the spirit of enlightenment, fueled by the strong desire that all living beings attain Buddhahood . . . Thus, prayer of prayer is the basis of Buddhahood, and Buddhahood is the result or potential of the prayer of desire. For this reason, I firmly believe that as we recite intense prayers in our lives for the benefit and happiness of all beings, we will develop bodhichitta, and if we are actively engaged in these purposes, bring happiness and benefits to many beings and many to liberate the ocean of suffering. Therefore I would like to ask you to use this monlam as an opportunity to recite heartfelt prayers and to develop as much bodhichitta as possible."

Kagyu Monlam is one of the most important activities of His Holiness the XVII. Karmapa. We, the German Karma Kagyu Sangha, should not fail to recite the monlamary prayers together in the Kamalashila Institute.

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