Psychoanalysis & Tibetan Buddhism 4-Week Workshop with Pilar Jennings

October 16, 23, 30, & November 7, 2017  |  Online

Join Dr. Pilar Jennings as she explores the vibrant intersection of Psychoanalysis and the practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Given the widespread interest in mindfulness and its clinical applications, this course will focus more specifically on the unique practices found within the Tibetan tradition, including the use of archetypal imagery and visualizations, and how such methods intersect with a psychoanalytic focus on unconscious material, and early relational experience.

For clinicians, this course will provide a nuanced exploration of how the analytic treatment of common psychological struggles including depression and anxiety, as well as more complex forms of trauma, may be supported and enhanced by Buddhist insights and methods for both patients and therapists.  For meditators, this course will offer ways to more fully understand and address the psychological content that can arise in one’s spiritual practice through a psychodynamic approach to internal life and its development.


  • A Psychoanalytic and Buddhist understanding of self and identity formation.
  • The role of the unconscious in psychoanalytic work and Buddhist meditation.
  • Increased understanding of key relational dynamics between therapists and patients and Buddhist teachers and their students.
  • The role of transference and countertransference in psychodynamic work and spiritual practice.
  • The cultivation of compassion for self and other in clinical work and Buddhist spirituality.
  • How Buddhist psychology and psychoanalytic theory describe and approach human development.

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