Revealing the Ground: A Mahayana Journey for an Age of Materialism with Andy Karr | Into the Mirror | Online Course

November 14, 2023 | 7:00p.m. EST

Andy Karr’s INTO THE MIRROR is a guidebook for a Mahayana journey that culminates in shunyata—the empty, luminous nature of reality itself. This is the profound insight that opens the door to freedom. In this class we will investigate ways to overcome materialism and ignorance using powerful methods from Mahayana Buddhism and contemporary philosophy.

In this three-week class, we will first look into methods for cutting the karmic chain reactions that bind us in samsara. Next we will explore contemporary approaches that challenge our materialistic assumptions. From there we will investigate techniques for deconstructing mental fabrications and elaborations. Finally, we will learn how recognizing the basic ground dissolves the foundations of duality.

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