Ringu Tulku in Portugal: Summer Camp

August 1–7, 2018  |  Casa da Torre | Soutelo, Portugal
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In 2018, the Bodhicharya Summer Camp will again be held in Portugal.

The chosen place is a Christian retreat house, in the North of Portugal. The facilities are excellent, with single and double rooms with twin beds. Vegetables and fruit are grown by the community itself and taste absolutely delicious.

There is a river, at a short walking distance away, where one can swim or just refresh oneself. There is a fluvial beach and a small terrace, perfect to sit, relax and enjoy a drink.

Participants may also relax and enjoy the activities available around the center. Families are most welcome, however, we will not be in a position to provide childcare.

Like every year, the Summer Camp will be accessible to everyone, even to those who do not have a deep knowledge of the Buddhist path and did not attend previous years’ sessions.

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