Siddhartha Festival 2018–“A Sadhana” with Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

November 16–17, 2018  |  Mahabodhi Temple | Bodhgaya, India
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Siddhartha was born as an Indian prince, but he wasn’t born enlightened. It's tempting to deify him; to say a god walked amongst us, but that would go against everything he taught us. The moment Prince Siddhartha encountered suffering, he dedicated his life to find a way out of it, for himself and everyone else. He renounced all material belongings, suffered adversity, triumphed over desire and longing to eventually achieve enlightenment. When he became the Buddha, he laid out the path he followed in a way that any and all humans beings could attain exactly the same enlightenment for themselves.

Two millennia later, the Buddha’s wisdom and teachings have spread all over the world and have been integrated into various cultures. His knowledge, informed by the wisdom and cultural traditions of the land around him, has become an invaluable gift to the world. The extraordinary path the Buddha chose to walk now lights the way for those who followed.

Siddhartha Festival celebrates the Buddha’s life and teachings at the place where he attained enlightenment: under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India.

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