Solidarity and Compassion Project hosted by Radhule Weininger

December 5, 2017 | 7:00–8:30 p.m.  |  Trinity Episcopal Church | Santa Barbara, CA
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Loving Engagement

Our ongoing engagement to contribute to a world of justice and peace is critical. Should our engagement to create a world of mutual belonging be dependent on the result of our work? Or can we find other ways, such as the Buddhist Bodhisattva path, that guides us to be of service out of love - regardless of the outcome? So many of us get discouraged when we act but don’t see the results we are hoping for. We want to explore this question from the perspective of different wisdom traditions.

This will be an evening with panel discussion featuring our guests
Reverend Julia Hamilton, Professor Terrence Keel, Imam Niazi, MA.Div. Marvel Hitsen, and Jungian analyst and philosopher Robert Bosnak. Michael Kearney and Radhule Weininger will host the evening. There will be a guided meditation and beautiful music by harpist Anahita Holden, pianist Heena Yoon and singer Juliet Rhode-Brown.

Below are some of the questions we are asking:
1. In a world that needs us and that calls out to us to be involved, should our engagement be dependent on the result of our work?

2. How do we find satisfaction and a sense of effectiveness in what we do, even if we do not know the outcome?

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