Sufi Retreat: Living in the Truth with Kabir and Camille Helminski

July 6-9, 2017  |  Whistler, BC
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A Threshold Retreat is a time to recharge, elevate our vibration,
deepen our perspective on life, and be inspired by each other.
Join us for Summer (inshallah) in British Columbia: a weekend of friendship,
Sufi music, zhikr, and contemplation in the tradition of Rumi.

Living in the Truth, implies honesty and sincerity with ourselves,
a reliance on our own experience even when guided by the beauties of a tradition.
The Mevlevi Path of Sufism is not about adding to our beliefs,
but opening to spiritual perception, living the Truth.

Futuwwah, or chivalry, is the rose in the garden of human virtues —
a noble generosity and courage, and expression of divine beauty in action.
The ethic of chivalry in its various forms — as respect for one’s enemies,
as magnanimity in victory, as the most refined sentiment in human relationships —
entered European societies during the Crusades, both through the martial virtues as well as the troubadour culture,
to become the stuff of legends thought to be the quintessence of medieval European virtue.
In reality chivalry was derived from esoteric sources stemming from the family of the Prophet Muhammad and Hazrati Ali.

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