The Path Ahead: A Private Event with Ken Wilber

June 2-4, 2017  |  Ken's Loft
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Dear Integral Thought Leader:

I am inviting you to participate in a small private gathering with me at my loft in downtown Denver, June 2-4, 2017. We are planning to fully explore the concepts included in my latest paper “Trump and a Post-Truth World,” and how an Integral perspective can step up to influence positive change in the midst of all the seeming current chaos.

These are truly extraordinary times. That is why I wrote and Integral Life distributed “Trump and the Post Truth Era”—and Shambhala has decided to rush it out in book form, right after they release The Religion of Tomorrow in just a few weeks (a major statement for sure). But thanks to all of you the paper and the concepts it contains have gotten lots of traction inside and outside the Integral community. It seems that we have a tremendous opportunity to promote an Integral view in the cultural conversation moving forward. That is why I am now taking this next step in addressing the cultural unfoldings that are now surrounding us.

We’ve decide it would work best if we limit this private gathering to the first 20 individuals who say yes. And to be fully transparent, to those of you that can afford to support me and Integral Life in this work.

This is always a delicate issue, but we are asking you to contribute $5,000 to be a part of this gathering. This is a significant amount, but this money will help support my continuing work in this area and also fully cover the cost of recording the presentations and distributing them later in the year to all members of Integral Life. Your contribution includes the cost of your hotel room and food while you are here. You will be staying at the 4 Star Monaco Hotel near my loft. Great accommodations, food and social atmosphere! You just have to get yourself to Denver for that weekend.

My presentations and others by Integral Life Contributors are still being crafted, but you will be spending the better part of two full days with me, so there will plenty of time for interactions between us in addition to the presentations. Generally we will be exploring the following themes (among virtually any other topics you specifically want to bring up):

  1. Are Progressives Losing the Cultural War? I have already said in my paper that you can’t lead if you don’t like 50% of the people you are claiming to lead. This is one of the shadows of a postmodern view. It still assumes that its solutions should be supported by everyone. The latest election was a wakeup call in that regard.
  2. If Progressives are losing the culture war, how exactly have they lost their way? Moving to a global culture is a postmodern assumption, but this latest election here and other events around the world would suggest that citizens are not happy with current worldcentric leadership. One symptom of this is the growing gap in income between the rich and everyone else. The anger over this is clearly fueling divisions in the culture.
  3. Can the current Worldcentric progressive leadership fix these miscalculations? Or are they going to need some new, Integral perspectives to lead the majority of people again? Neither major party seems to be telling the electorate the truth about jobs and the economic landscape in particular. We will dive into how Integral perspectives can be crucially helpful in this realignment process.
  4. How do we all make sense of what is happening? With the dearth of smart opinions, the rise of fake news and the growing role of fractured social media in our in our governing process, how do we inform ourselves and decide what actions we will take going forward?

These topics are just the beginning of what we will engage with during our weekend together. And I want to hear how these unfolding events are impacting all of you and your families as well. And I especially want to hear your answers to those questions, at least if you’re willing to share them with us. I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours! I hope you can join me at this loft gathering as we attempt to “make sense of everything” that is currently arising.

If you have any questions, Integral Life staff are happy to get on the phone with you to discuss your potential participation. You can e-mail David Riordan at or Corey de Vos at to set up a time to talk.

If you are ready to sign up now, click here to reserve your spot. Very much looking forward to seeing you!

All the best, Ken

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