When the Past Is Present with David Richo

January 26, 2019 | 10:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.  |  Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center | Woodacre, CA

Join David Richo, author of When the Past Is Present, at the Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center.

A poignant thing about us humans is that we seem hard-wired to replay the past, especially when our past includes emotional pain or disappointment. We tend to go through our lives casting new people in the roles of key people, such as our parents or past partners. This phenomenon, called transference, is unconscious. What we transfer are feelings, needs, expectations, defenses, fantasies, beliefs, and attitudes. Transference is a way to tell the untold story inside us.

Buddhism offers us a path to liberation from clinging. We will see how this can apply to how we hold and work through our past, through an exploration of how our childhood and our past relationships figure into our present relationships.

Mindfulness helps us ground ourselves in the present so the past can become something we witness but not something that determines us. The Dharma offers us that supreme freedom. We will see how this happens.

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