Yoga for Healthy Aging Intensive with Baxter Bell

April 15–22, 2018  |  Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA
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For yoga practitioners at all levels and yoga teachers.

Join Baxter Bell and Melina Meza for an enlightening and informative program that focuses on practical strategies for a lifetime of vitality and well-being. This intensive includes expert medical information and therapeutic yoga postures for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional wellness throughout life. Practitioners learn to set themselves up for a lifetime of healthy living; 200-hour yoga teachers have the opportunity to receive Yoga for Healthy Aging certification.

Come learn:

  • Daily practices to support the circulatory system and heart health
  • Yoga for managing stress, optimizing brain health, and experiencing equanimity
  • The scientific background that explains how and why yoga supports healthy aging
  • Essential yoga poses, sequences, and other health-promoting practices
  • Movement sequences for strength flexibility, balance, and agility
  • How to cultivate long-term balance.

Yoga teachers can enhance their teaching toolkit, and yoga students at all levels of experience can benefit from tools to create a personalized yoga program that meets their particular needs and concerns.

Recommended reading Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow, Yoga for Healthy Aging.

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