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Yoga Ruins Your Life

with Richard Freeman, author of The Art of Vinyasa

Yoga Ruins Your Life? That sounds terrible! But it’s not. In fact having yoga ruin your life is a huge relief. Because when you practice yoga on a regular basis, the auto-pilot of “life” that, if you’re like most of us you may have fallen into, slowly transforms into a life that is naturally more awake, balanced, healthy and happy. The little things that used to bother you don’t so much any more. You feel less stressed and happier. Relationships become easier as emotions thoughts and feelings become clearer and less reactive. And best of all, who you really are shines through. So yes, your auto pilot life is “ruined,” but that’s not so terrible after all.




The Approach

Living the Sutras
Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat

Our life is a reflection of our attitude, the energy of our mind. When we look at the world angrily, fearfully, cynically, it’s easy to get sucked into arguments, the blame game, jealousy, and gossip. But when we approach the world optimistically and confidently, we are open to happiness, have greater resilience, make better decisions, and increase our chances of success.

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Michael Stone (1974–2017) was a prominent and innovative Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychotherapist, and author. He was the founder and director of the Centre of Gravity Sangha, a community of yoga and Buddhist practitioners based in Toronto, and he taught widely and had a large international following. For more information visit

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