Let's Go Outside!

Let's Go Outside!

Outdoor Activities and Projects to Get You and Your Kids Closer to Nature
By Jennifer Ward
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ISBN: 9780834822504

Engage your child in outdoor play, nature outings, and environmental explorations. Chase and be chased in a game of capture the flag. Use the power of the sun to craft your own shadow prints. Explore the stars on a late night walk. Create a field guide to your neighborhood. Through 52 ideas—some classic and some new—Let's Go Outside! offers a range of activities perfect for children ages 8 to 12. Whether you're in the country, the city, or anywhere in between, this book is sure to help you get outside—and run, dance, hike, or camp—with your preteen.

Sections of the book include:Back to Basics: Reconnecting with twists on traditional games and activities such as Capture the FlagMaking the Ordinary Extraordinary: Picnics, doing homework outdoors, and socializing opportunities outdoorsOutdoor Adventures: Canoeing, biking, and campingEnvironmental Experiments: Ways to explore how nature works

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