Pain-Free Sitting, Standing, and Walking

Pain-Free Sitting, Standing, and Walking

Alleviate Chronic Pain by Relearning Natural Movement Patterns
By Craig Williamson
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    Alleviate Chronic Pain by Relearning Natural Movement Patterns

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834828551

    Most of us take the acts of sitting, standing, and walking for granted, but for those suffering from back, muscle, and joint pain, even these seemingly simple actions can be extremely uncomfortable. Poor body alignment or habitual movement patterns that crop up when we compensate for a bad back or painful neck can only further exacerbate existing issues—and create new problems.

    In this accessible workbook, Craig Williamson, a respected occupational and massage therapist, demonstrates how by just doing these three basic actions with optimal body alignment and attention, you can help free yourself from existing pain and prevent further injury.

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    "Sitting, standing, and walking are all natural activities—but if they are done without a certain degree of postural awareness, they can contribute to pain and injury and even fatigue and altered mood. Craig Williamson has brought to light the importance of kinesthetic awareness in these daily activities." —Keelyn Wu, DO, Board Certified in Neuromuscular Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

    "Most of us have poor posture and misuse our body during everyday activities, which leads to pain and premature cartilage damage. This book gives detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on proper and effortless sitting, standing, and walking. I wish I had seen this book earlier in my career. I highly recommend this book." —Ben Margolis, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

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