The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach was originated by A. H. Almaas, the pen name of Hameed Ali, who has been guiding individuals and groups throughout Europe and the Americas since 1976. He is the author of Divine Eros, Runaway Realization, The Alchemy of Freedom, The Pearl Beyond Price, Facets of Unity, and the Diamond Approach five volume series.



A.H. Almaas on Runaway Realization

"The teaching in this book is off the map. It is outside of all previous articulations of the Diamond Approach. We are in uncharted territory. This new view, which I call the view of totality, reveals that the Diamond Approach cannot be mapped because reality itself cannot be captured in a map. Reality is not a monolithic, static truth that can be defined in a fixed way. It is actually way more alive and mysterious than that. We might feel chagrined by this if we believe that we have reached some final, eternal truth about reality; or we might feel delighted by the freedom of not having an end or a goal to reach. Regardless of how we feel about it, recognizing this indeterminacy of reality is crucial to living our realization and our freedom"



What do passion and desire have to do with spirituality? Conventional wisdom cautions that they are pitfalls on the path, imprisoning us in the worldly illusions of the ego. And for most people, that is exactly what happens. But just the opposite may be possible. By becoming open to the energy, aliveness, spontaneity, and zest of erotic love, we can liberate ourselves from self-centeredness and embrace the fullness of our humanity. This audio edition of the revolutionary book by A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson, read by the authors, shows you how. Through numerous exercises, meditations, instructive dialogues with students, and much more, you will discover how the erotic and the holy can become truly inseparable, and how you yourself may practice this extraordinary path to wholeness.

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Excerpt from A. H. Almaas

The foreword from John Davis' The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A. H. Almaas

I never intended to create the Diamond Approach. It emerged and developed under its own intelligence and dy­namics. It is true I am the primary person responsible for presenting it, but I have been more a vehicle and, much of the time, a guinea pig than one who intentionally developed it.

At the beginning, I had no idea that a particular complete teaching was unfolding. With an intense interest in the inner journey of liberation, I was doing all I could to be real and open to the timeless truths of spirit. I was passionately com­mitted to finding the truth of what a human being is, what spirit is, and what reality is. It was not easy, and for some time, not much seemed to be happening. Yet I noticed that at times when my love of truth became selfess, when I was loving truth for its own sake and not for any personal gain, my experience opened up and deepened in ways I did not expect.

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