The following article is from the Winter, 2004 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Top photo: Buddhists from Bhutan, Cambodia, U.K., U.S. and around the world discover common ground at the Sakyadhita conferences.

The 8th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women will be hosted in Korea from June 27 to July 2, 2004. Since 1987, Sakyadhita: International Association of Buddhist Women has grown to include almost 2000 members in 45 countries, uniting the diversity of Buddhist cultures and traditions through an international communications network of laywomen, nuns, and well-wishers. Sakyadhita works at a grassroots level, supporting initiatives to improve conditions for Buddhist women around the world. Members are actively engaged in research and publications on Buddhist women's history, challenges, and achievements. They work to gain equal opportunities for women in all Buddhist traditions by creating women's shelters, education projects, retreat facilities, and training centers.


Women from Bhutan, Finland, India, Australia, and Thailand share their experiences of Buddhism.

The general theme of the conference is Discipline and Practice of Buddhist Women: Present and Past. Everyone is invited to attend the six- day program, featuring presentations by leading scholars, social activists, and practitioners. The conference will be a unique opportunity to share personal experiences and ideas on such topics as practice, Dharma in everyday life, tradition and adaptation, and Buddhist approaches to contemporary social issues. Simultaneous translation will be offered in several languages, making available diverse viewpoints and dynamic small-group discussions. This unique conference crosses boundaries of language, religion, gender, and ethnicity, offering a unique opportunity for personal growth and global understanding.

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