A Non-Sectarian Buddhist Tradition of Tibet

The following article is from the Spring, 1994 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.


by Lelung Pema Shadpa'i Dorjee

This is one of the few outstanding monasteries of Tibet following the non-sectarian tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded by the fifth Jedrung Lobsang Trinley (alias Lelung Shadpa'i Dorjee), who was a great treasure discoverer with clairvoyant power. The great Indian Tantric adept Acharya Padmasambhava had predicted that Lelung Shadpa'i Dorjee would unearth the great treasure of Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma which would greatly benefit the beings of the time of five degenerations.

At present only a handful of masters are alive who hold the complete oral transmission of Lelung Rinpoches' Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma treasure. Taking personal interest in this regard His Holiness the Dalai Lama asked me to go to Tibet for such a transmission and also to rescue my predecessors' works on the Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma treasure. As the matter deemed urgent attention I had to break my studies at the Drepung Monastic University in South India and visited Tibet recently. On my visit to 'ol Kha it was unbelievable and heartbreaking to find the ruins of both the main and the other monasteries.

Ris Med Thekchog Namdol Ling Monastery was the place where the line of Jedrung Tulkus accomplished great spiritual attainments, and also other great masters like Je Tsongkhapa engaged in intensive meditational practices. At the main monastery there were about two hundred monks, with several other monasteries nearby. Also, in various parts of Tibet there were large and small monasteries and nunneries connected with the line of Lelung Rinpoches and following the Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma treasure.

For the revival of the non-sectarian tradition and the restoration of the Lelung's spiritual tradition, I have strongly felt the utmost .need to rebuild at least the main monastery Ris Med Thek-chog Namdol Ling and recruit young monks. While in Tibet, with great effort I was able to receive seventeen transmissions with regard to the Secret Exalted Wisdom Dharma treasure; I feel myself very fortunate with this.

During my stay in 'ol Kha, with the help of native devotees and my own contributions I was able to procure most of the wood requirements for rebuilding the main monastery. I wish to begin the construction work as soon as possible but to materialize the entire project of reconstruction I very much need your help and support. I hope you will give due attention and necessary support to my project and I must assure you that your help will not go in vain. You are most welcome to visit the new monastery in 'ol Kha for study, contemplation, meditation and also for courtesy visit.

Ris Med Theckchog Namdol Ling Monastery Rebuilding Project

Direct donations sent through: SB/A/C No. 7559, H.E. Lelung Tulku, Syndicate Bank, Tattihalli 581411, Mundgod N.K., Karnataka State, India.

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