The following article is from the Winter, 1990 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Geshe Kelsang has prepared a large number of books for publication. Those already in print are:

Meaningful to Behold

A commentary to Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life.

Clear Light of Bliss

An explanation of Mahamudra in Vajrayana Buddhism.

Buddhism in the Tibetan Tradition: A Guide

An introduction to Buddhism.

Heart of Wisdom

A commentary to the Heart Sutra.

Universal Compassion

A commentary to Training the Mind in Seven Points.

A Meditation Handbook

A practical guide to Buddhist meditation.

Joyful Path of Good Fortune

An explanation of the stages of the path to enlightenment.

Guide to Dakini Land

A commentary to the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Vajrayogini.


Books to be published in the near future include:

Ocean of Nectar

A commentary to Guide to the Middle Way by Chandrakirti.

The Bodhisattva Vow

The essential practices of the Mahayana Path.

Great Treasury of Merit

A commentary to the practice of Offering to the Spiritual Guide (Lama Chopa Puja).

Types of Mind

An explanation of the nature, types, and functions of mind.

Great Mother of the Conquerors

A commentary to the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras.

Tantric Grounds and Paths

An explanation of the grounds and paths of the four classes of Tantra.

Essence of the Vajrayana

A commentary to the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of the Heruka Body Mandala.

Heart Jewel

A commentary to the Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa combined with the practice of his Dharma Protector, a special method to receive the blessings of the three lineages.

Going for Refuge

An introduction to Buddhist refuge practice.

If you would like to receive more information about Geshe Kelsang's Centres, his books, or any other activity mentioned here, please contact: The Kilner Foundation, P.O. Box 2826, Palm Springs, California 92263, USA. Tel 619-325-5423 The Tharpa Foundation, 15 Bendemeer Road, London SW15 1JX, UK. Tel 081-788-7792

Manjushri Institute

Conishead Priory, Ulverston, Cumbria, UK. Tel 0229-54029 Founded 1975

Madhyamaka Centre

Kilnwick Percy Hall, Pocklington, York, UK. Tel 0759-304832 Founded 1979

Vajravarahi Centre

38 Deepdale Road, Preston, Lanes, UK. Tel 0772-59094 Founded 1980

Instituto Dharma

C/Notario Quintana 42, Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain. Tel 971-385756 Founded 1981

Tara Centre

4 Manchester Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, UK. Tel 0298-26672 Founded 1983

Chenrezig Centre

21 Portland St, Lancaster, Lanes, UK. Tel 0524-68437 Founded 1984

Amitayus Centre

'Blakelow', Newcastle Road, Nantwich, Cheshire, UK. Tel 0270-662156 Founded 1985