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The following article is from the Spring, 1999 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.


by Bhikshuni Tenzin Kacho

The fifth conference for Western Buddhist monastics will be held June 4-6,1999, at Shasta Abbey in northern California. These conferences provide space and voice to the special needs and concerns of Western monastics in adapting and integrating our lifestyle in the West. We bring together wisdom learned in different traditions and share the traditional and often-remarkable experiences we have had with our teachers and in our training. Topics for presentation or discussion this year include: being in community and being in solitude: the balance; developing your fullest potential and expression within monastic life; developing monastic leadership, pastoral care, counseling and teaching skills; teacher/disciple relationships; the role of Western monastics in teaching ethnic Buddhist children; Buddhist monastic interfaith dialogues; and Medical, insurance and aging concerns of monastics. Shasta Abbey is graciously hosting the event for. the second time and there are a limited number of spaces available. We invite ordained, celibate Western monastics in all Buddhist traditions to attend our conference.

Past conference attendees have come from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tibetan and Vietnamese Buddhist traditions. We encourage representation from all traditions so we can all broaden our learning and understanding.

The original conference idea was the inspiration of Ven. Jigme Palmo, an American in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who now studies with Ven. Geshe Losang Tharchin and Ven. Geshe Michael Roach and works for Tibet Fund in corjunction with the Office of Tibet in New York.

If you are an ordained celibate Western monk or nun in a Buddhist order, or have been seriously contemplating ordination and would be interested in attending our conference, please send your name, e-mail and/or postal address and phone number to Tenzin Kacho at 1130 No. Cascade Ave. #UR, Colorado Springs, CO 809032366 or e-mail: tenzinkacho@juno.com for futher information. Many monks and nuns live a very simple life with a limited income. If you are interested in helping a monastic to attend the event, please contact me at the above address. ä_æ

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