Gajong Gyalrong Khangtsen of Ganden Founded by Tsongkhapa

The following article is from the Autumn, 1987 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Gajong Gyalrong Khangtsen, the Buddhist Cultural Association, is a department of Gaden Monastic University. Established in 1425 by Tsakho Ngawan Dakpa, a direct disciple of Je Tsongkhapa, its purpose is to educate Buddhist monks in the subjects of Buddhist dialectic, Tantric teachings and also for the preservation of the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa.

During the invasion of the Chinese in 1959, only about ten monks escaped and with the generosity and kindness of many people found living quarters. New monks have been added and plans to ordain more make it imperative that the Association start building new living quarters, Library and Assembly Hall. The expense is enormous and the sangha of Gajong Gyalrong Khangtsen solicit kind and generous donations to help them meet their objectives. Those who find it possible to do so will have their name and donation fixed upon the quarters of the monks and will be sent photographs of the project.

For more information or to send a check, international money order, bank draft or postal order please write: Gajang Gyalrong Khangtsen B.C.A., Gaden Monastic University, P.O. Tibetan Colony, Distt. North Kanara, Karnataka-58 1411, INDIA.

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