Teachings in the U.S. By H.H. the Dalai Lama

The following article is from the Winter, 2001 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.

Minneapolis, MN May 8-9

May 8: TeachingGenerating a Good Heart

Public AddressCompassion and Universal Responsibility in a New Century

May 9: Developing Peaceful Solutions to International Conflicts

5:00-6:30 pm, Interfaith Dialogue Contact: 612-625-8878


Salt Lake City, UT May 12

Six Perfections (Six Paramitas)

Contact: www.utahtibet.org

Portland, OR May 13-16

Generating Good Heart and Awakening the Mind

Earle A. and Virginia H. Chiles Center

University of Portland



San Jose, CA May 16-20

Presented by Wisdom in Action in association with Land of Medicine Buddha

May 17-19: Heart of Wisdom Teachings

May 20: Medicine Buddha Empowerment

For more information or to register: 831476-0865

Pasadena, CA May 25-27

Teachings on Patience from A Guide to the Bodhisaltva Way of Life and Eight Point Mind Training, plus Amedawa Initiation Contact: 626-839-6436

cwba@us.sina.com ä_æ

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