The Venerable Chhoje Rinpoche Œ»_

The following article is from the Autumn, 1992 issue of the Snow Lion Newsletter and is for historical reference only. You can see this in context of the original newsletter here.


The Ven. Lama Chhoje Rinpoche is a lineage holder of both the Nyingma and the Kagyu traditions of Vajrayana Buddhism. His autumn 1992 teachings include:

10/16-10/23 ä»_ The Hinayana & Mahayana Teachings (Intensive Retreat) Fairfax, California

11/2 ä»_ An Introduction to Buddhism Ashland, Oregon

11/3 ä»_ The Heart Sutra Ashland, Oregon

11/14 ä»_ The Gesture of the Silent Voice: Sitting Meditation Teaching & Practice (Entire Day) Nevada City, California

For further information:


P.O. Box 117, Fairfax, CA 94978, (415) 485-1356

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