The Experience of Insight

The Experience of Insight

A Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation
By Joseph Goldstein
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    A Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation

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    Revelation, Tradition, and Accomplishment in Visionary Buddhism

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    ISBN: 9780834840997
    Here is a modern classic of unusually clear, practical instruction for the practice of Buddhist meditation: sitting and walking meditation, how one relates with the breath, feelings, thought, sense perceptions, consciousness, and everyday activities. Basic Buddhist topics such as the nature of karma, the four noble truths, the factors of enlightenment, dependent origination, and devotion are discussed.
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    "This attractive volume is in the tradition of Krishnamurti's books and various classics like The Three Pillars of Zen in its strength, clarity, and simplicity." —Brain Mind Bulletin

    "The Experience of Insight comes about as close to delivering the promise of its title as any written material can." —East West Journal

    "A broad-minded, open-handed invitation to come and experience for oneself the everchanging nature of mind and body." —New Age

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