The Integral Approach

The Integral Approach

By Ken Wilber

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ISBN: 9780834829060

If you’ve always wanted to study Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory but have been unsure where to start—or have been intimidated by some of his more voluminous works—this book is for you. The Integral Approach provides the shortest, most complete introduction to Integral Theory, written by Wilber himself.

Integral Theory provides an all-inclusive map to everything that all the various world cultures have to tell us about human potential—about psychological, spiritual, and social growth—and identifies the basic patterns that connect these pieces of knowledge. Using all the known systems and models of human growth—from the ancient sages to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science—Wilber distills their major components into five simple elements that readers can verify in their own experience right now.

The Integral Approach is a great way to get acquainted with Wilber’s ideas, or to get up to speed before approaching one of his longer books.

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