The Monkey Is the Messenger

The Monkey Is the Messenger

Meditation and What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You
By Ralph De La Rosa
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    Meditation and What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834841833

    “My mind is so busy, I really need to meditate.”

    “My mind is so busy, there’s no way I can meditate.”

    Familiar dilemma? These days just about all of us know we should be meditating, but that doesn’t make it any easier to sit down and face the repetitive thoughts careening around our brains—seemingly pointless, sometimes hurtful, nearly always hard to control. Rather than quitting meditation or trying to wall off the monkey mind, Ralph De La Rosa suggests asking yourself a question: If you were to stop demonizing your monkey mind, would it have anything to teach you? In a roundabout way, could repetitive thoughts be pointing us in the direction of personal—and even societal—transformation?

    Poignant and entertaining, The Monkey Is the Messenger offers a range of evidence-based, somatic, and trauma-informed insights and practices drawn from De La Rosa’s study of neuroscience and psychology and his long practice of meditation and yoga. Here at last—a remedy for all those who want to meditate but suppose they can’t because they think too much.

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