The Surrealist Home

The Surrealist Home

A Box of Domestic Games
By Will Hobson
 - MixedMedia


Shambhala Redstone Editions
ISBN: 9781611800289

Does domestic life sometimes seem mundane? Not always quite as magical as it should be? It’s time to reach for The Surrealist Home!

With A Household Manual packed with fun and games, a huge array of signs, and practical and poetic interior design ideas, The Surrealist Home will enable you to:

  • Reimagine your family—its past, present, and future
  • Transform your home into a hotel or a Buddhist cave
  • Communicate on a daily basis in refreshingly different ways
  • Set off on adventures without leaving your front door

Ingenious, unexpected, thought-provoking, and very funny, The Surrealist Home will add drama, imagination, and romance to any home. From the uplifting to the seriously dysfunctional, the idiosyncratic to the reassuringly familiar—this box contains spectacular ideas for transforming your life.

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