The Sweeper

A Buddhist Tale
By Rebecca Hazell
 - Hardcover


Shambhala Publications
Pages: 32
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
ISBN: 9781611804386
Inspired by Buddhist tradition, this original story tells how Padme, a young servant girl, meets the Buddha as she is sweeping her master’s house. When she laments that she is so busy that she would never have time to meditate, the Buddha gives her the instruction to “sweep and clean.” This simple mindfulness practice transforms Padme’s life, and when she encounters the Buddha many years later, he teaches her how to send compassion out to others. This beautifully illustrated picture book is a wonderful way to introduce children to the power of mindfulness meditation practice.
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"This instructive story based on Buddhist tradition is a welcome addition to any collection in need of a primer in meditation practices and mindfulness." —School Library Journal

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