Tibetan Literature

Tibetan Literature

Studies in Genre
By Leonard van der Kuijp, James Burnell Robinson, Paul Harrison, Tadeusz Skorupski, Jeffrey D. Schoening, Joe B. Wilson, Per Kvaerne, Janet Gyatso, Jeffrey Hopkins, Shunzo Onoda, Guy Newland, Donald S. Lopez Jr., David Jackson, Michael J. Sweet, Jules B. Levinson, Matthew Kapstein, Yael Bentor, John Makransky, Daniel Cozort, Jose Cabezon, Geoffrey Samuel, Roger R. Jackson, Beth Newman, P. C. Verhagen, Rebecca Redwood French, Todd Fenner, Erberto Lo Bue, John Newman, and Dan Martin
Edited by Jose Cabezon and Roger R. Jackson
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ISBN: 9781559397810
Tibetan Literature addresses the immense variety of Tibet's literary heritage. An introductory essay by the editors attempts to assess the overall nature of 'literature' in Tibet and to understand some of the ways in which it may be analyzed into genres. The remainder of the book contains articles by nearly thirty scholars from America, Europe, and Asia—each of whom addresses an important genre of Tibetan literature. These articles are distributed among eight major rubrics: two on history and biography, six on canonical and quasi-canonical texts, four on philosophical literature, four on literature on the paths, four on ritual, four on literary arts, four on non-literary arts and sciences, and two on guidebooks and reference works.
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"An outstanding introduction to the panorama of literary arts in Tibet. Everyone with interest in this civilization should study these essays in which the true wealth of Tibetan intellectual life becomes clear—an excellent contribution to the field." —Dr. Ronald Davidson, Fairfield University Director of Asian Studies

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