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Help New Mothers Thrive | Free Download

The Fourth Trimester Cards ENTER YOUR EMAIL TO RECEIVE YOUR 10 FREE CARDS FROM THE FOURTH TRIMESTER CARD DECK. Help new mothers thrive with The Fourth Trimester Cards!...

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A Mother’s Five Necessities | A Printable Excerpt from The Fourth Trimester

Remembering to care for yourself as a mother can sometimes be the most difficult thing about your postpartum time. Kimberly Ann Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester, has compiled a list of the five...

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Yoga, Fascia, and the Feeling of Being Me

by Tias Little, author of Yoga of the Subtle Body What is Fascia? In the same way that a fish swims in water and a bird flies through the air, fascia is the way we move. Every time you practice ...

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The Most Popular Posts from the Yoga for Healthy Aging Blog

by Nina Zolotow, author of Yoga for Healthy Aging Because the sixth anniversary of the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog is coming up next week, I thought I’d check to see what our nine most popular—...

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