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Albert Low

Albert Low holds degrees in philosophy and psychology, and was for many years a management consultant, lecturing widely on organizational dynamics. He studied Zen under Roshi Philip Kapleau, author of The Three Pillars of Zen, receiving transmission as a teacher in 1986. He is currently director and guiding teacher of the Montreal Zen Centre. He is the author of several books, including Zen and Creative Management and The Iron Cow of Zen.

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  • Hakuin on Kensho

    Hakuin on Kensho


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About the Author

Albert Low was a business executive for the first half of his life, employed as a senior human resource executive in South Africa and later in Canada. In Canada, he was responsible for introducing a new way of company organization, and he lectured widely on creativity in management. He has a degree in psychology and philosophy, and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Queen’s University, Ontario, for academic achievement and community service. 


At the same time, he has studied and practiced Zen Buddhism intensely for over fifty years. In 1976 he retired from the business world to study and teach Zen Buddhism on a full-time basis. He spent three years on the staff of the Rochester Zen Center. He has been the teacher and director of the Montreal Zen Center since 1979. 


Widely read in Western and Eastern philosophy and psychology and Western science, Low has spent many years as a psychological counselor. He has given frequent TV and radio broadcasts and has written numerous articles for magazines; because of this, he is well known in Europe, Australia, and throughout North America.