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Discover the tools to begin or sustain a meditation practice and mindful lifestyle—for yourself or for kids.

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Embodied wisdom and techniques to fully integrate mind, body and spirit—from yoga and tai chi practice, to engaging with the natural world, to alternative medicine and home remedies.

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Wisdom teachings from a rich and diverse range of religious and philosophical traditions, both ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western.

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Spark your imagination with these creative works, from poetry and prose to graphic novels and games.

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Develop a sense of self-compassion, improve your relationships with others, heal from past trauma, be more intentional in the workplace—these books will teach you to be your best self.

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Featured Titles


Compassion at the Edge: A Revolutionary Approach to Benefitting Others without Burning Out

In this excerpt from Joan Halifax’s new course, Compassion at the Edge, she explains that understanding the difference between empathy and compassion is one of the first steps in learning how we can meet the challenge of helping others with an open heart and mind.




Jules Shuzen HarrisJules Shuzen Harris

Jules Shuzen Harris is a psychotherapist and Zen teacher, founder, and abbot of Soji Zen Center in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Based on his decades of experience working with Zen students and psychotherapy clients, he has created a powerful method that combines the rigor of Zen practice, psychological insights of early Buddhism, and tools from a contemporary psychotherapeutic method known as "Mind-Body Bridging." Harris is the first African-American to have received transmission in the Soto Zen tradition.


Bala Kids

Bala Kids is our new children’s imprint dedicated to inspiring the next generation of thoughtful and compassionate leaders. Bala is Sanskrit for both “child” and “strength” and Bala Kids books give children and their grown-ups access to core values such as resilience, empathy, patience, and responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, and the world around them.

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