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The Art of Meditation in Motion

Still Running
Still Running
The Art of Meditation in Motion

On a cool spring morning, a Zen teacher and his student are going for a walk. The last traces of snow have melted from the ground, and tiny buds are beginning to show on the tips of the cherry branches. Bundled in their robes, master and disciple walk easily as the day slowly grows warmer. Their walk leads...

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Author Videos

Spreadin Out the Vision

Join Meido Moore, author of Hidden Zen, in this practice of spreading out your vision! When we do so, whole new worlds of living detail and movement open for us. We begin to feel again that we are part of the space surrounding us rather than isolated within ourselves.


Mindfulness in Zen

An excerpt from Dr. Sarah Shaw's book Mindfulness: Where it Comes from and Why it Matters. This book explores the Buddhist heart of Mindfulness and is a welcome antidote to the commodification of what is an essential practice and support for so many other Buddhist meditation techniques. It explores how Mindfulness is understood, presented, and practiced in very different way across multiple Buddhist traditions and will be welcome reading or listening by all who find it.

Online Courses

The Heart Sutra

One of the most beloved scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism, the Heart Sutra is chanted daily around the world in dozens of languages by millions of practitioners. For Zen Buddhists—and many others—the sutra expresses the nature of reality in ways both profound and paradoxical. In this online course, Kazuaki Tanahashi and Roshi Joan Halifax collaboratively explore the depths of the sutra’s teaching through talks, chanting, readings, and group discussions.

Taught by: Joan Halifax & Kazuaki Tanahashi

Heart of the Brush

Kazuaki Tanahashi is a renowned calligraphic artist and teacher who works with hundreds of students throughout the world each year. In this online workshop, you can study with him up close, as he guides you in exploring the wondrous world of brush calligraphy.

Taught by: Kazuaki Tanahashi

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Remembering Thomas Cleary, Translator of Asian Classics

Last week we received the very sad news that Thomas Cleary, one of the greatest translators of our time, passed away on June 20, 2021. Thomas Cleary (1949–2021) was the twentieth century's most pr...

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The Buddhist Translations of Thomas Cleary: A Reader’s Guide

Thomas Cleary (1949—2021) was one of the twentieth century’s greatest translators of Asian classics. He was extremely prolific, translating and authoring countless works. Shambhala Publications ha...

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The Great Works of Zen in the Song Dynasty

Shakyamuni Emerging from the Mountains...

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The Samurai and Zen

Samurai and Zen: The Third Matsumoto Koshiro as a Samurai Standing1769 or 1770 From the Met Explore the Reader Guides to Zen Buddhism Overview Zen Buddhism: A Reader's Guide to the Great Works...

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