The following guidelines represent a change from our previous preferences and procedures, so please read carefully. Note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS REGARDING BOOK IDEAS OR SUBMISSIONS. If you have a specific question that is not answered on this page, you may e-mail us at, and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Before submitting a book proposal, please familiarize yourself with the types of books we publish—for example, by visiting the New and Forthcoming Books section of our website. Currently our acquisition interests are on the topics of Buddhism, mindful living, yoga, psychology, parenting, crafting, creativity, and cooking. We do not accept proposals for fiction (children’s books excepted), poetry, exposés, end-time prophecies, channeled works, martial arts manuals, quotation books, card decks, or audio/video. Anything sent within these genres/formats will not receive a response.

To prepare a book proposal, see our recommended template. For Bala Kids proposals, please see the guidelines posted here. Though we are flexible with format, please be advised that at minimum, you should include a synopsis, a chapter outline, a brief biographical statement or résumé, and two sample chapters.

When you are ready to submit, e-mail your proposal to You will receive an automatic reply confirming that your message has been received. We do accept simultaneous submissions, as long as this is clearly noted in the body of your e-mail. Please be courteous and withdraw your submission if it is accepted elsewhere.

If the combined file size of your attachments exceeds 2 MB (this should happen only if your submission contains many images), please upload the large files to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Hightail, or Google Drive and send us a link we can follow to access them.

Your submission will be reviewed over the course of about two months. As long as you’ve properly followed our guidelines, we will send a response to you via e-mail within this timeframe. Please DO NOT ask about the status of your submission, as this only prolongs the review process.

Although our preference is to receive submissions electronically, if you feel you absolutely must send a hard copy, you may do so to:

Editorial Assistant
Shambhala Publications
4720 Walnut St., #106
Boulder, CO 80301

Do not e-mail us asking if your package has been received; instead, pay for tracking. If you want any of your materials returned, you must include a self-addressed envelope affixed with sufficient US postage. (We do not accept foreign postage, checks, or international reply coupons.) If no SASE is enclosed, we will send our response to you via e-mail. Note that the two-month review time starts on the date we receive your package.




Frequently Asked Questions

I am an agent. Should I follow a different procedure? If you have not already established contact with one of our acquiring editors, please follow our standard submission guidelines. If the submission seems to be of interest, it will be forwarded to the appropriate editor on staff.

Can I submit a book query instead of a proposal? Yes. Although a book proposal enables us to make a better-informed decision (and gives you an opportunity to really sell it), a query is acceptable if you are unsure whether a topic would be of interest to us. The query should include a brief description of the book and your credentials.

I self-published my book. Can I still submit it for consideration? Yes.

How much do I have to pay you to get my book published? Nothing! We are not a vanity press or a self-publishing company. If we want to publish your book, we will pay you in the form of royalties (a percentage of the book’s net sales, to be determined during the contract phase). We take care of the book’s editorial, design, production, and marketing and publicity costs, with a few exceptions: authors are generally expected to pay for permissions and indexing, if either of those apply.

Should I hire a literary agent? It’s up to you to research the pros and cons of working with an agent and to decide if that’s the way you want to go. We do accept unagented submissions and so would encourage you to take advantage of that if you feel confident in the viability of your manuscript. If, however, you want to find an agent, we are unable to help you in that respect, other than to suggest that you consult Literary Market Place or Writer’s Market, resources that are available both in book form and as online services, or We do not provide lists of agent names or specific recommendations.

Can I submit my academic thesis for consideration? Yes, but because thesis topics tend to be very narrow (and therefore of interest to only a small audience), it’s unlikely that we would pursue publication.

Can I propose for your consideration a book published in a non-English language? We review only English-language materials. We are, however, willing to consider foreign works for publication in English, so if you feel there’s a title that would be a good fit for us, please first e-mail the book’s publisher to confirm that world English-language rights are available. We also ask that you supply us with chapter summaries in English as well as a brief biography of the author, especially as it relates to his or her sales potential in the US. The more items on the proposal template you can fill out, the better.

What do you look for in a manuscript? We consider first the fittingness of the manuscript’s content to our company’s mission and our editors’ interests, and then we consider the strength of three things: concept, execution, and author platform. Consult our book proposal template (above) for more details.

Why did you reject my manuscript? Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot offer individual feedback.

You rejected my manuscript, but I have since thoroughly revised it. May I resubmit? No, unless we encouraged you to do so in our response message, we will not accept resubmissions.