Q. I have a problem with my order. How can I find out the status? [top]
A. If you have a question or concern regarding an order for a Shambhala book, you may contact our customer service department by e-mail: [email protected].

Q. I am a bookseller or wholesaler outside the US. How do I purchase Shambhala books for resale? [top]
A. To place an international order, please contact your regional Penguin Random House sales representative. Locate your regional sales representative at the following page: prhinternational.com/about-us

Q. I'm someone from the media who needs to reach an author for an interview, or otherwise speak to a publicist. [top]
A. Our publicity department is happy to try to connect you with authors, pending their availability and schedules. Please submit your request to [email protected], and our publicist will forward your request and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Q. I need a review copy of one of your books. [top]
A. If you need a book for publicity purposes (print, broadcast, or electronic media), please e-mail your request to [email protected]. (If we have never sent your publication a review copy before, please tell us a bit about yourself in your outreach.)

Q. I would like to request a desk or examination copy. [top]
A. If you are an instructor and are considering using a Shambhala book for a class, please make your request for a desk or exam copy directly to our distributor Penguin Random House at randomhouseacademic.com/desk-exam-copy

Q. I work for a foreign publisher, and I'm interested in reviewing some of your books for foreign rights. [top]
A. All permissions and foreign rights requests must be made in writing. Please e-mail [email protected]. For more information, you can also check our Rights and Permissions page.

Q. How can I find a Shambhala title that is out of print? [top]
A. If you are looking for a Shambhala title that is no longer in print, try searching for the title at bibliofind.com, abaa.com, abebooks.com, or another online out-of-print search service.

Q. Do you sell prints of artwork found in Shambhala titles? [top]
A. We do not sell prints of the art that appears on our covers, bookmarks, or other materials. If there is an institute or museum listed in the art credit, you may try contacting them.

Q. Does Shambhala hire freelance workers? [top]
A. We do not employ freelance readers. If you have extensive experience copyediting or proofreading in Shambhala’s subject areas, please send your résumé to:

Managing Editor
Shambhala Publications
2129 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

For more information, please see our Employment page.

Q. How can I find out more information about Shambhala Meditation Centers or Lion’s Roar magazine (formerly Shambhala Sun)? [top]
A. We are not affiliated with either of these institutions. Shambhala Meditation Centers can be reached via their website at shambhala.org, and Lion’s Roar magazine is at lionsroar.com.