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  • Transcending Pleasure, Transcending Pain

    June 27, 2013

    In meditation we are not trying to overcome or to defeat anything, and we are not trying to gain any level of high spiritual achievement for the sake of pleasure...

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  • Connect with Groundlessness

    June 26, 2013

    None of us wants to be miserable; we all want to be happy. But we can’t achieve this aim is we stay stuck in biased, narrow-minded thinking. No matter how...

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  • One Truth Without Relativity

    June 25, 2013

    Seeing the truth as it is, is the goal as well as the path. Confused existence, or samsara, is a complex situation based on passion, aggression, and ignorance. Its essence...

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  • Emotions Help Wake Us Up

    June 24, 2013

    Before we can extend our compassion to others, we first have to extend it to ourselves. How do we do this? We have to look at our own mind and...

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  • The Open Mind of Doubt

    June 21, 2013

    In the beginning, it’s easier to experience our controlling mind, with all our attachments, than the open mind of doubt and unknowing. So the exercise is first to make a...

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