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The Pocket Thomas Merton

SKU# 9781590302736




Shambhala Pocket Classics | 11/01/2005
Pages: 232 | Size: 3 x 4.5
ISBN: 9781590302736


This pocket-sized treasury of wisdom from the influential Christian contemplative, political activist, social visionary, and literary figure is abridged from the larger collection Seeds by Robert Inchausti (Shambhala, 2002).

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"I heartily recommend purchasing this book, not merely to add to one's shelf of Merton collectibles, but to read it, stunned by its beauty. It glitters with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, each flashing with extraordinary power. Everything fits and radiates here. I thought I had read Merton . . . and then I walked into Inchausti's garden of diamonds." —Gray Matthews, The Merton Seasonal

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