Shifting Worlds, Changing Minds

Where the Sciences and Buddhism Meet

By Jeremy Hayward

- Paperback
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New Science Library
Pages: 320
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780877733683

From the author of Perceiving Ordinary Magic, this book proposes that both science and Buddhism offer powerful insights into human nature that can help to bring about profound changes in our lives and our society.

Jeremy Hayward argues that a radical uprooting of our beliefs about reality is necessary if we are to resolve our confusion about our world and ourselves. Only a profound examination of human perception—a process by which worlds and selves are created and re-created ever moment—will provide the clarity and confidence we seek.

Shifting Worlds, Changing Minds is an in-depth, non-technical analysis of the perceptual process, drawing on the latest data from cognitive science—the "new science of mind." Added to these are insights gained from the Buddhist practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation. The results of this analysis and practice can free us from dependence on belief systems. We are presented with a genuine revolution in the understanding of consciousness, and the possibilities for awareness and compassion are revealed.