Bala Kids is a new children’s imprint from Shambhala Publications.

Bala Kids is devoted to inspiring the next generation through the Buddhist values of compassion and wisdom. The initial list will debut in Spring 2019 with books aimed at ages ranging from infants to ten years old. Receive news and updates about Bala Kids by signing up for our Kids and Family email list.




Mindfulness is one of the most effective practices to teach kids to calm themselves in stressful moments, increase focus and attention, ease anxiety, and promote a sense of empathy toward others. Eline Snel's Sitting Still Like a Frog method of meditation has introduced hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to become more relaxed and attentive, more aware of their bodies and emotions, and to be more open toward others. This Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book is packed with entertaining and useful activities that children can do alone or with a parent, including yoga exercises for tuning into your body; art and cooking projects; stories to meditate on; posters to color and cards to cut out; stickers; attention games; love notes to share; the big family frog game; and much more!


This playful picture book follows Buddha all over the world—from the depths of the ocean to a rocket in outerspace. Author Marisa Argon Ware shows readers that Buddha can be found everywhere—both within the world and within oneself.

Everything is Connected edited

A magical meditation on the powerful idea that we are connected to everything and everyone. Playful illustrations and funny, rhyming text show readers all of the many ways we are linked to every big, small, hairy, slimy, snuggly, scaly, flappy, bristly, buzzy, beautiful creature on Earth.