Balancing the Mind

Balancing the Mind

A Tibetan Buddhist Approach to Refining Attention
By B. Alan Wallace
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Snow Lion
Pages: 352
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559392303
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For centuries, Tibetan Buddhist contemplatives have directly explored consciousness through carefully honed and rigorous techniques of meditation. B. Alan Wallace explains the methods and experiences of Tibetan practitioners and compares these with investigations of consciousness by Western scientists and philosophers. Balancing the Mind includes a translation of the classic discussion of methods for developing exceptionally high degrees of attentional stability and clarity by fifteenth-century Tibetan contemplative Tsongkhapa.
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"A spectacular cross-cultural presentation of techniques for achieving meditative states." —Jeffrey Hopkins, author of Maps of the Profound

"The most important book on Buddhist meditation to appear in over a decade." —Roger Jackson, Director of Asian Studies, Carleton College

"Alan Wallace is one of the great Western Buddhist thinkers of our day." —Howard Cutler, coauthor with H.H. the Dalai Lama of The Art of Happiness

"For experienced practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism who also enjoy intellectual analysis of their practice and tradition, Balancing the Mind will have great appeal." —The Middle Way Buddhist quarterly

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