Awakening Wisdom

Heart Advice on the Fundamental Practices of Vajrayana Buddhism

By Pema Wangyal
Translated by Padmakara Translation Group

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Shambhala Publications
Pages: 273
ISBN: 9781645472766

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If you are new to Tibetan Buddhism, this short work will help you get started with your practice; and if you are well steeped in these teachings, it will inspire and motivate you to practice them. Originally delivered in the form of advice to retreatants, Pema Wangyal’s teachings cover developing a proper motivation, settling the mind, mantra recitation, and relating to the suffering of others. In the last part of the book, he provides guidance about the preliminary practices in the Dudjom Rinpoche lineage. Pema Wangyal’s writing is suffused with warmth and tenderness throughout, making this book quite accessible and inviting to everyone.

Running time: 4 hours, 33 minutes