Buddhism for Busy People

Finding Happiness in a Hurried World

By David Michie

- Paperback
Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
Size: 5.125 x 7.75
ISBN: 9781611803679

What does it take to be happy? We’ve all asked ourselves this question at some point, but few of us have found the path to lasting fulfillment.

David Michie thought he had achieved his life’s goals—the high-level job, the expensive city apartment, the luxury car, the great vacations—but a small voice was telling him he wasn’t really happy. A chance remark from a naturopath sent him to his local Buddhist center. There he began the most important journey of his life.

With wry, self-deprecating humor, he shows us how he began to explore Tibetan Buddhist teachings and incorporate Buddhist practices into his daily life. He explains how he came to understand the difference between the temporary pleasures of ordinary life and the profound sense of well-being and heartfelt sincerity that comes from connecting with our inner nature.