Buddhist Fasting Practice

Buddhist Fasting Practice

The Nyungne Method of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig
By Wangchen Rinpoche
 - Paperback



Snow Lion
Pages: 256
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559393171
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The Tibetan Buddhist practice of Nyungne (“nyoong-nay”) has been gaining increased attention in Buddhist centers across North America. Participants say the practice purifies them both physically and spiritually. This volume is the only comprehensive treatment in English of these powerful teachings.

Nyungne is a profound, two-and-a-half-day practice, a length of time especially helpful for people whose schedules cannot accommodate long-term retreat. It involves the keeping of strict vows; the second day is devoted to complete silence and fasting. The meditation centers on the recitations, mantras, and guided visualizations of the Thousand-Armed Chenrezig, the embodiment of all the buddhas’ loving-kindness and compassion. Translated as “abiding in the fast,” Nyungne is said to be effective in the healing of illness, the nurturing of compassion, and the purification of negative karma.

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"In this book, Wangchen Rinpoche has given clear and comprehensive instruction on how to undertake the Nyungne practice. Not only that, but by including stories of the great past masters who have undertaken the practice, accounts of the benefits it has brought, as well as auxiliary practices and recitations, he offers a wealth of background information that will serve as a rich source of knowledge and inspiration." —H.H. the Dalai Lama

"Detailed without being overbearing. . . . Clear in its approach and language. For anyone considering embarking on a Nyungne retreat, this book is recommended." —Elephant Journal

"A detailed guide to the fasting and meditative steps necessary to gain the most from this crisp, useful practice. Wangchen spends fair portions of the book addressing Buddhist history and stories, and students of Buddhism will appreciate his lucid expositions and tales. . . . These narrations give the student of Nyungne the important background and moreover the mindset needed to engage in the practice. In many ways, this is the greatest value of this wonderful tome." —New Age Retailer

"A valuable resource for people interested in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and Buddhist fasting methods. Scholars of Buddhism will find that Rinpoche knows what he is talking about, as he provides an in-depth look at the Nyunge method and tradition." —The Feminist Review

"A highly recommended and worthy addition to any Tibetan Buddhist Studies collection." —Wisconsin Bookwatch

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