Complete Enlightenment

Complete Enlightenment

Zen Comments on the Sutra of Complete Enlightenment
By Chan Master Sheng Yen
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    Zen Comments on the Sutra of Complete Enlightenment

  • Shambhala Publications
    ISBN: 9780834829091

    Complete Enlightenment is the first authoritative translation and commentary on The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment, a central text that shaped the development of East Asian Buddhism and Ch'an (Chinese Zen). The text is set in the form of a transcription of discussions between the Buddha and the twelve enlightened beings(bodhisattvas), who question him on all aspects of spiritual practice.

    This new translation preserves all the liveliness and nuance of the text in the original Chinese. The sutra's ancient wisdom is brought to life by the commentaries of Master Sheng Yen, one of the most revered living Buddhist masters in the Ch'an lineage. This is truly a manual for the spiritual journey toward complete enlightenment, providing the key to the deep, poetic, and practical meanings of the scripture.

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    "With skill and authority, Master Sheng-yen's new commentary uses the sutra as a means of elucidating the essentials of Ch'an practice. His commentary bears eloquent witness to the vitality of Ch'an tradition in our day. It is an excellent place to begin for anyone who wishes to learn what that tradition is all about." —Peter N. Gregory, Professor of Buddhist Studies, University of Illinois

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