Daring Steps

Daring Steps

Traversing the Path of the Buddha
By Ringu Tulku
Translated by Rosemarie Fuchs
Edited by Rosemarie Fuchs
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Snow Lion
ISBN: 9781559397995

Daring Steps stands out among the multitude of books on Tibetan Buddhism as being a uniquely accessible overview of the Buddhist path that encompasses all three yanas, or traditional Buddhist spiritual paths. Ringu Tulku—renowned for both his insight and approachable style—consistently brings the teachings back to the reader's own experience as he reveals the vital role of each path in the attainment of genuine realization.

This book draws on several venerable sources, among them the Buddha's earliest teachings, and a Vajrayana text by the yogi known as Crazy Khyentse. The author takes us from the most basic meditation practice to the rarefied realm of Mahamudra, touching on a dazzling range of teachings and techniques along the way. This lively presentation will be welcomed as both a trustworthy introduction for the beginning student and an indispensable reference for practitioners at every stage of the path.

News & Reviews

"A very enjoyable overview of the entire Buddhist path." —Buddhadharma: The Practioner's Quarterly

"Ringu Tulku's book is remarkable for its clarity of vision simplicity of style and profundity of thought. It is an excellent overview of the Buddhist path." —Tibet Journal

"Rinpoche clearly has a deep and subtle understanding of every aspect of his subject. . . . A remarkable work offering readers a chance to understand Buddhism more fully, perhaps, than almost any introduction to the subject that I've read. I recommend this book highly and plan on rereading it soon." —Thar Lam

"This insight into the entirety of Buddha's teachings is written in a style that will appeal to new and old Buddhist students by showing how Buddha's teachings are accessible at all levels of comprehension. Ringu Tulku leads the reader from the Buddha's earliest teachings right through to the heights of mahamudra practice. This accessible book embraces all three traditional Buddhist spiritual paths—Shravakayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana—bringing the Dharma back repeatedly to the reader's own experience." —Mandala Magazine

"As much of a practice manual as it is a scholarly assessment of basic meditation techniques and assorted Buddhist texts. . . . Highly recommended." —Wisconsin Bookwatch

"The author has produced a breathtaking overview of the Buddhist path that embraces all three traditional Buddhist yanas, or spiritual paths. He weaves a dynamic synergy that reveals the vital role of each path in the attainment of genuine realization. Bringing the teachings back repeatedly to the reader's own experience, Ringu Tulku both educates and inspires, connecting the Dharma's profundity with the spirit of the Buddha's own awakening." —Eastern Horizon

"A practice manual and scholastic accomplishment, this lively presentation will serve as both an introduction for the beginner and a reference work for experienced practitioners." —Buddhism Now

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