Emptiness Yoga

Emptiness Yoga

The Tibetan Middle Way
By Jeffrey Hopkins
Edited by Joe B. Wilson
 - Paperback



Snow Lion
Pages: 536
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559390439
An absorbing exposition of the methods of realization of the Middle Way Consequence School (Prasangika Madhyamika) by Jeffrey Hopkins—considered by many the foremost Western authority on Tibetan Buddhism. His presentation is based on Jang-gya's famous work—the original and translation are included. The reasonings used to analyze persons and phenomena to establish their true mode of existence are discussed in the context of meditative practice. This exposition includes a masterful treatment of the compatibility of emptiness and dependent-arising.
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"Emptiness Yoga will be greatly appreciated by both beginners and advanced students for its immediacy, profundity, and precision. Hopkins deserves congratulations for making this difficult material as transparent as possible." —E.K. Dargyay, Religious Studies Review

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