Enlightened by Design

Enlightened by Design

Using Contemplative Wisdom to Bring Peace, Wealth, Warmth and Energy into Your Home
By Helen Berliner
 - Paperback


Shambhala Publications
Pages: 256
Size: 8.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 9781570623349
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This book shows how to use our homes to realign ourselves with the basic forces of nature: heaven and earth, the four directions, and the elemental energies that arise from them. Based on Tibetan Buddhist teachings on energy mandalas and the practice of space awareness, it includes playful quotes, provocative illustrations, and practical exercises for discovering the inspiration and delight hidden in our homes. And it explains the role of wakefulness in contemplative arts and design.

Berliner proceeds from living room to bedroom to kitchen to home office, illustrating with rigorous practicality how we can join space, color, function, harmony, and our senses to create functional, welcoming rooms. She draws on traditional geomantic systems from Celtic wisdom to feng-shui to show that home design and ecology are one and the same, and that intuition and our senses are our most effective decorating tools. Working with wakefulness and natural patterns of energy, we can create enlightened environments—and in this case enlightenment begins at home!

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"Berliner presents many interesting ideas and suggestions for bringing tranquility, hospitality, harmony, elegance, and play into the different rooms of a home. . . . After reading this book, you will be inspired anew to bring a keen sense of wakefulness to every aspect of your home environment." —Spirituality & Health

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