Establishing Appearances as Divine

Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo on Reasoning, Madhyamaka, and Purity
By Heidi I. Koppl and Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo
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Snow Lion
Pages: 160
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781559394192
Establishing Appearances as Divine, a concise treatise by the eleventh-century Tibetan Buddhist philosopher Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo, sets out to prove the provocative point that everything that appears is actually deity manifest. Many books on Tibetan Buddhism address the important themes of mind training, compassion, and proper conduct, but this penetrating study and translation of Rongzom’s text goes beyond that in its aim to bring the reader face to face with his or her pure, divine nature.
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"Rongzom Chözang, one of the most important scholars of the eleventh century, believed in the divinity of the world. Even more interesting, he set out to prove it! Köppl's book, a translation of Rongzom's most important text on the subject, is an important contribution to Buddhist doctrinal studies. The long introduction provides us with one of the most detailed comparative treatments of the Nyingma view (tawa) that I know of, elucidating Rongzom's position in relation to other Nyingma thinkers. The notes to the translation clarify even the most difficult portions of the text. . . . A truly masterful work." —José Ignacio Cabezón, XIVth Dalai Lama Professor of Tibetan Buddhism and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Heidi Köppl makes the seminal work of Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo newly accessible to the modern reader. Rongzom, in deep conversation with Buddhist philosophy, argued for the most immediate visionary experience of enlightenment—every part of our world as already divine. Rongzom, assisted by Köppl's sparkling exegesis, leads readers to a direct encounter with their own primordial goodness." —John Makransky, Associate Professor of Buddhism and Comparative Theology, Boston College

"Ms. Köppl's organization of the translation and commentary is superb, enabling the reader to see the arguments clearly. . . . An important contribution to Tantric Buddhist philosophy." —New Age Retailer

"Köppl's concise volume is an interesting read and a refreshing view into the nature of purity." —Nanci Rose-Ritter

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