Everything Is Connected

By Jason Gruhl
 - Hardcover


Bala Kids
Pages: 36
Size: 8 x 9
ISBN: 9781611806311

Everything is connected.

And since you are part of everything, you are connected to everything: to pharaohs, Ben Franklin, T. Rex, ancient Greece, to love and to poverty, hunger and peace! This is a magical story about the powerful idea that we are connected to absolutely everything in the universe.

For ages 4–8.

News & Reviews

"A thin string loops and winds around the people, animals, playgrounds, prayers, and gardens of the world, everything connected in a timeless whole—even scary, ugly things like chicken pox, bullies, lies, and pollution. In this engaging introduction to social consciousness and environmental awareness, color and form are given to the invisible ties that bind the universe together, from the tiniest of cells and atoms to the vastness of the stars and planets." —Foreword Reviews

"One of Bala Kids’s inaugural releases, this waggish picture book takes its title to heart, emphasizing readers’ connection to an eclectic roundup of people, objects, and phenomena." —Publishers Weekly

"A worthy attempt to make an ineffable concept accessible to a young audience." —Kirkus Reviews

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