Everything Is Workable

A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution
By Diane Musho Hamilton
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    A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution

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    Shambhala Publications
    Pages: 240
    Size: 5.5 x 8.5
    ISBN: 9781611800678
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    Conflict is going to be a part of your life—as long as you have relationships, a job, or dry cleaning to be picked up. Bracing yourself against it won’t make it go away, but if you approach it consciously, you can navigate it in way that not only honors everyone involved but makes it a source of deep insight as well. Seasoned mediator Diane Hamilton provides the skill set you need to engage conflict with wisdom and compassion, and even—sometimes—to be grateful for it. She teaches us how to:
    • Cultivate the mirror-like quality of attention as your base
    • Identify three personal conflict styles and determine which ones you fall into
    • Recognize the three fundamental perspectives in any conflict situation and learn to inhabit each of them
    • Turn conflicts in families, at work, and in every kind of interpersonal situation into win-win situations
    Her unique approach unites Zen wisdom and Integral Spirituality with her own story and her experiences as a professional mediator in a way that shows you how to look at conflict in a new way: as an essentially spiritual practice.
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    "There is perhaps no greater challenge in our personal relationships than conflict. In this wonderfully engaging, perceptive, and wise little book, Diane Musho Hamilton shows us how to negotiate this delicate terrain with skillful means." —William Ury, coauthor of Getting to Yes and author of The Power of a Positive No

    "A wonderful, down-to-earth, and very useful book on conflict resolution. I had my first ‘integral’ awakening when I realized that every conflict and seeming opposition was actually an opportunity to find a deeper unity of perspectives, and it is this same leading-edge integral vision that guides Diane’s terrific book. Read it professionally, read it as a layperson, read it for work, read it for relationships, read it for your own inner conflicts—but read it for sure, and find a genuine peace and contentment under all of your seemingly intractable conflicts. You’ll be delighted you did!" —Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision

    "A groundbreaking, creative account of how the qualities of nonattachment, equanimity, and flexibility of mind that are cultivated in meditation practice can help inform and enliven the vital work of mediating human conflicts and misunderstandings." —Jan Chozen Bays, author of Mindful Eating and How to Train a Wild Elephant

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