Garlic, an Edible Biography

The History, Politics, and Mythology behind the World?s Most Pungent Food?with over 100 Recipes
By Robin Cherry

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Pages: 272
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781611801606

Garlic is the Lord Byron of produce, a lusty rogue that charms and seduces you but runs off before dawn, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Called everything from rustic cure-all to Russian penicillin, Bronx vanilla and Italian perfume, garlic has been loved, worshipped, and despised throughout history. No writer has quite captured the epic, roving story of garlic—until now.

While this book does not claim that garlic saved civilization (though it might cure whatever ails you), it does take us on a grand tour of its fascinating role in history, medicine, literature, and art; its controversial role in bigotry, mythology, and superstition; and its indispensable contribution to the great cuisines of the world. And just to make sure your appetite isn’t slighted, Garlic offers over 100 recipes featuring the beloved ingredient.

News & Reviews

"Everything you need to know about the most celebrated, and vilified, of stinky roots." —New York Times

"Garlic lovers unite! No other allium has been as maligned and rebuffed throughout history as this stinky bulb. Yet its powerful medicinal benefits have been touted for centuries. This masterful work integrates the history, legends, lore, and even vampire tales of garlic, along with an inspired selection of recipes from condiments to desserts. A must-have book for a cook's library." —Diane Morgan, author of Roots: The Definitive Compendium

"This lovely historical and international tour of the many faces of garlic, with enticing recipes, is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in learning to use garlic in more ways in their kitchen." —Tama Matsuoka Wong, author of Foraged Flavor and forager for the restaurant Daniel

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