The Golden Letters

The Golden Letters

The Tibetan Teachings of Garab Dorje, First Dzogchen Master
Translated by John Myrdhin Reynolds
Edited by John Myrdhin Reynolds
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    The Tibetan Teachings of Garab Dorje, First Dzogchen Master

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    ISBN: 9781559398688
    The teachings of Dzogchen, which directly introduces the practitioner to the Nature of Mind, were first expounded by Garab Dorje in the country of Uddiyana and later went to India and Tibet. The essence of Garab Dorje's message is "The Three Statements that Strike the Essential Points." Patrul Rinpoche wrote a brilliant commentary, together with practices entitled "The Special Teaching of the Wise and Glorious King"—here translated with notes, commentaries, and a glossary of terms.
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    "In many ways, the best guide to the Dzogchen teachings. Includes explanations of texts that were previously thought too secret to publish." —Tricycle

    "Contains clear translations and detailed commentaries. Careful study and practice of the knowledge revealed in The Golden Letters is indispensable." —The Mirror

    "Many of the meditative practices this book introduces are among the most profound ever to appear in published form." —Shambhala Sun

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